Friday, May 18, 2012

Greenhouse Results from 2011

Before talking about my plans and results for this year, I feel I should summarize what happened in the greenhouse last summer.

Basically, any leaf crop grew really well - lettuce, bok choy, spinach, napa cabbage.  Also, they seemed to grown much faster than what I remember from my outdoor gardening in Montreal.

Root crops had mixed results.  Radishes flourished, but they will do so almost anywhere given their very short planting-to-harvest period.  My turnips (rutabaga) did not fare so well, almost all their energy went into foliage rather than root development.  Beets fell somewhere in between - I was able to get only one meal from them. Perhaps there's a local market for baby beets, but once you've peeled the skin off there's hardly anything left.

Peas grew really well, but I was unable to entice any bumble bees into greenhouse, so no pod set.  I've since watched a number of Youtube videos on pollinating plants by hand, so this is the route I'll take this year with anything that needs it.  Somehow, though, I feel it's something best done in a back alley for money by someone else.

Finally - flowers.  They went nowhere, slowly.  I never really paid close attention to the seed packets, but flowers need a really long lead time in order to flower before the hard frost sets in.  Definitely something to start in March inside the house.

From front to back: spinach, radishes almost going to seed, turnip, bok choy and napa cabbage.


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