Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Someone Must Really Hate You Guys

This has to be the most monumental FAIL of all the team uniforms at the Olympics. All the Norwegian men's curling team is missing is a fool's cap and curling shoes that "curl" up at the toes with bells on them.

Now I happen to like curling, both as a participant and a spectator sport. But I know in the sports psyche's of many nations it rates right up there with two-man luge in teh ghey factor. So what were you thinking, Svein, when you barfed up this argyle monstrosity? Do you hate curling? Do you have a mad on against a member of the Norwegian team? Or are you trying to make a statement about the folly of grown men sweeping 42 lb discs of granite along a sheet of ice?

Cripes, the last time I saw this pattern was when some nonagenarian was being interred with argyle socks on, and all I could think was that I'd hate to be buried that way.

Fortunately, I have some eye bleach to remove this disgusting image: too bad Jennifer Jones's rink lost out this year in its chance to represent Canada in the Olympics. Her babe factor alone would have gone a long way to expunge the atrocity perpetrated by the Norse upon our noble national sport.


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