Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Revised Post, but no apologies to Environment Canada

I'm calling "shenanigans" on Environment Canada.

Today, September 22 2009, is the autumnal equinox - the first day of autumn. Now when I attended grade school, we were all told that equinox means "equal night", i.e. when daytime and nighttime are equal 12 hour segments everywhere in the world, a consequence of the sun passing the celestial equator on a southbound swing.

But Environment Canada's meteorological website for Salluit today clearly shows 12:15 minutes of daylight and 11:45 minutes of darkness. Is Salluit such an anomaly that it gets to tack on 30 minutes more light than anywhere else in the world? We do things differently up here, but isn't this taking things a bit too far? I know this town is warped, but could we be living in a place which bends the rules of time and space?

Update Update Update

It seems that day and night are unequal at the equinoxes. Apparently, we only achieve diurnal synchronicity sometime after the fall equinox and before the vernal one. Here's the science (along with a really cool flash movie).

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