Monday, September 18, 2006

Multiple Choice

I've missed you all very much lately, and feel I should offer up some kind of explanation for my lack of slinging bloggy bits and bytes out at you from my humble abode in the North.

From your own blogs and your comments on mine I have a mental image of each of you. Now I don't know how well these portraits jibe with reality, but they are mine and I treasure them. Therefore, so as not to dispell any ideas you have built up about me, and to sustain an air of mystery about myself and this blog, I give you a variety of excuses for my recent absence from the scene.

1. Nanuk's answered his country's call. Although few realize it, Canada is a mega-power on the world stage, but being a retiring and shy sort of nation, you wouldn't know it. I am sworn to secrecy about the nature of my mission, but I can tell you it involved that nasty business over in San Marino.

2. Nanuk went into hibernation. I simply vegged out for the past month, refusing to so much as boot up the old Commadore 64 to see what's cooking elsewhere in blogland. But as nature's paint brush paints the autumn hillsides with splashes of slushy white, I feel suddenly revitalized and ready to face the world again.

3. Michael Eisner is a real prick. You know, you just can't force genius. But Disney won't let up on badgering me for my latest script. So I've been burning the midnight vodka on my latest screen treatment, but how in hell can you write for a character to be played by Paris Hilton? With any luck, it will be in theatrical release in 2009.

4. Flotsam and jetsam. A gale in the north Atlantic blew a rudderless cargo ship from Glasgow into my bay, and by enforcing the Law of the Sea I claimed its consignment of Laphroaig whiskey as my own. I've spent the last month engaged in quality control to ensure that each bottle didn't suffer from the storm.

5. Nanuk was on a religious retreat. I wandered the trackless tundra for the last forty days and forty nights on a spiritual request. Okay, I know it's only been 37 days and nights since my last post, but who has a calendar when they wander the trackless tundra on a spiritual quest, I ask you?

So there you have my excuses. Take your pick. But again my apologies - I've missed you all!


Blogger Fuff said...

You've been missed. Welcome back! I was really starting to worry about the comment I'd left below.... :)

8:51 AM  
Blogger DutchBitch said...

OMFG!!! You have been missed dearly! I will read your full post when I get home tonight but I am SO happy you're back!!!! Mwah! (don't tell Fab, he'll just throw another one of his hissy fits about me kissing another guy... just a friendly "mwah")

8:56 AM  
Blogger fairscape said...


I've come by every day checking to see how you were doing. Hooray Hooray you're back. Now be a good Nanuk and don't run off again.

9:41 AM  
Blogger The Phosgene Kid said...

Welcome back, the whiskey was a just reward for a young religious lad who answered his country's call to save a shipload of whiskey. Interesting how adding a little more memory can have that Commodore running like a top, eh?

1:18 PM  
Blogger Anna said...

Glad you're back... looking forward to more nanukism.

2:45 PM  
Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

The important thing is that you are back. And that you know that if you pull a stunt like this again I will hunt you down and gut you like a carp.

And stay away from my woman!

5:16 PM  
Blogger merlinprincesse said...

OK! Let's see...mmm...Number one. Nope! I live in Canada. Ya can't fool moi! Number 2...mmm... Hibernation is in WINTER not in Summer...Mwhahahaah! *sigh* Number 3. DUH!!!!! Number 4: Maybe... *hips* *burp*... Number 5: If you give me your secret mantra, I will believe you! :)))) OK I will go for number 6. Hheheheh! So much things have changed! See, now I'm not a nice girl anymore. I'm a rabbit! And the bunny is really really glad that Nanoook is back! :) Really!

5:22 PM  
Blogger nanuk said...

To you all: for once I am non-plussed, or non-having-words-come-easily-to-mind-because-the-lump-in-my-throat-is-blocking-it. Thanks for the warm words, guys.

6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am a 'lurker' coming out just for this once to say WELCOME BACK! I can imagine how hard it can be to start again once you are out of rythm so to speak, so I hope this will help to inspire you, as you inspire all your readers! Again, welcome back

8:20 PM  
Blogger marty said...

Welcome back, Nanuk. Your secret of being in the witness protection program is safe by me.

5:57 AM  
Blogger finn said...

i hope you brought back enough laphroaig for all of us. we've suffered so.

9:48 AM  
Blogger nanuk said...

Anonynmous: thanks. But I've never had a sense of rhythm about anything. Just ask my wife.

Marty: How did you know I joined the Jehovah's Witlesses?

Finn: I'll try to make amends somehow for your suffering. But I'm plumb out of Laphroaig.

9:20 PM  
Blogger Eternally Curious said...

OMG - it's true! You're back Nanuk! Fuff told me, but I had to run over and see for myself! Well, camm on then ... give us a hug!! Gorsh it's good to 'ave you back!!!

10:04 PM  
Blogger mummified said...

good to have you back Nanuk. :-)

10:04 PM  
Blogger The Wrath of Dawn said...

And what time do you call this to streel in young man? *looks stern... can't... must resist... mustn't smile... GRINS LIKE EEJIT!*

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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